Steven Fitzgerald


Hey, there! I’m Steven Fitzgerald.

One thing you need to know: if there’s one person who loves hockey more than anything, that would be me. I’ve been a Boston Bruins fan ever since I can remember. I even remember the player line-up for the past three seasons, but I’m sure you don’t want to go there.

When a hockey game, especially that of the Bruins, is on TV, well, let’s just say it will take a crowbar to pry me off the couch.

Of course, aside from obsessing over hockey, I do other things too. During my down time (when I’m not busy being an architectural designer and model maker), I hit the gym, go cycling and even skiing. I just love the outdoors!

Despite being a busy body, I still find time to blog – about hockey and the Bruins, of course. What better way to show my love for the sport, right?

So to all the NHL fans out there, come join LOGE 19 and let’s discuss everything hockey!