Betting on hockey is tough – here’s how to do it right

It’s not easy to bet on hockey for you need to know things like money line, totals, puck lines and grand salami. Make sure to be acquainted with these three before you place your bet on ice hockey.

This article would help you better understand the things concerning ice hockey, especially the hockey rules.

Money Line

With regards to money line, your chosen team should win the game straight up, despite the margin. Remember that you must always have a favorite and an underdog as far as the money line wagering is concerned. The minus sign (Ex. Penguins -120) shows the favorite and the amount you must wager to win $100.

In the abovementioned example, punters would bet $120 to win $100 on the Penguins. The plus sign (Ex. Red Wings +100) shows the underdog and the amount you will win for every $100 wager. In this case, bettors would place $100 on the Red Wings to earn $100.

Totals (O/U)

The “O/U,” popularly known as Over/Under or Total, is the number of shared goals that the bookies assume to be scored in the match-up. The punters can place their bets over or under on the goals listed. In the previous example, 5 goals, punters or bettors taking the over would eventually win if the Penguins and Red Wings score 6 or more goals in the match.

Bettors taking the Under would win if the two teams combine for five runs or less. Moreover, sportsbookies usually link a money line with “O/U” lines, meaning, the bettors will have to lay additional money in some cases. Ex. Over 5 (-120) — Punters would stake $120 to earn $100.

Puck Line

The Puck Line is a blend of a money line and point-spread bet. It is normally plus or minus 1 goals. Bear in mind that you either place your bet on a team to win by two or more goals or you bet on a team to either win outright or lose by just one goal. Since punters find it difficult to take the favorite, oddsmakers promise a positive return.

Referring to the recent example, the Penguins are – 1 (+200) and the Red Wings are +1 (-2400). If you stake $100 on the Penguins, you will earn $200, provided that the team wins the game by two or more goals. In case they lose the game outright or win by exactly one goal, you will lose your $100 gamble. If you bet $100 on the Red Wings, you would have to put up $240. This gamble will win if Philadelphia wins outright or if they lose by exactly one run.

Grand Salami

Grand Salami is a unique Over/Under bet in pro hockey that is tied into all games for a particular day. This is actually the combined total of all the games that are played on a specific day. Sportsbooks make a number each day based on the number of games available and you can bet on ‘over’ or ‘under’ the Grand Salami total. The total is set by adding up all listed ‘over/under’ odds for each game on that day.

Grand Salami will have no action if any match is suspended or cancelled before the regulation time of three twenty minute-periods. In addition to that, despite the number of goals scored during the shootout portion of the overtime, the final scored recorded for the game will still give the winning team one more goal than its rival based on the score at the end of regulation time.

Rules on Hockey that you should know

Aside from knowing how to place your bet on hockey, you should also know the various rules concerning hockey. Here they are:

— All hockey games must complete at least 55 minutes to have action

— Winners and losers are distinguished by the final score, including overtime and shootouts.

— If a game concludes in overtime tied and goes to a shootout, the champ of the shootout will be credited with one extra goal. Take note that shootout goals scored are not added to the team’s total.

— If a game is put off before the minimum time (55 minutes) has been reached, then all bets are compensated.

— If a game is put off after the minimum time (55 minutes) has been reached, the score when the game is stopped is used as the ultimate betting result.

Now that you’re done reading this article, I do hope that you’d have better understanding of hockey and its betting system. Again, remember and study the four essential things concerning hockey: money line, puck lines, totals and grand salami. When betting, make sure to use the odds calculator free bet calc. As you do, you’ll get more chances of winning in hockey betting. Good luck!


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