Claude Julien to lead Boston Bruins in a new direction

Claude Julien is definitely back!

The 55-year-old Boston Bruins head coach addressed the media Wednesday morning at the team’s practice facility, following the confirmation of GM Don Sweeney on his return for the 2015 season.

Julien spoke about the uneasiness he felt while the management evaluated his future with the squad and his desire to direct the Bruins back toward a successful path.

Known to every NHL fan, Boston’s misfortune left them out of the playoffs for the first time since 2007. And of course, part of the blame was received by the Bruins coach.

Despite the fact that his job was in limbo, Claude didn’t feel frustrated. In fact, he understood the situation and he was pretty positive that he could certainly work with Sweeney in the future. At last, after a disappointing season and swirling reports regarding Julien’s status, Sweeney announced last week that Julien would indeed be back for a ninth season.

Julien, who sits second on the all-time wins list in the Bruins coaching history, is now composed and confident in his abilities to lead the club in a new direction.

With his entire staff around him, Julien is definitely happy with this turn-of-event taking place.

“We’re really committed and determined to take this team, and move forward with it in the right direction. Don and I have had talks, and we have a very, very similar outlook as to what is needed and we want to do. It’s never been an issue there at all, and that’s why it’s worked out,” Julien said.

Such new direction is believed to be more of an increased emphasis on the offensive attack rather than a stiff, grudging focus on the defensive end.

By the way, the 55-year-old American coach became the longest-tenured coach in the league when Mike Babcock left the Detroit Red Wings to join the Toronto Maple Leafs last month. The Bruins seasoned coach wanted to make this last as long as he could. Could he really? Well, the answer depends on his performance this season.

Anyway, we believe that Julien can once again bring back the glory and fame of his beloved squad. Surely, his passion for the game and his love for his team will carry the Bruins back to the playoff this year.

Best of luck to you, coach!

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