What’s the deal with the Boston Bruins after the 2015 trade deadline?

Seems like this season isn’t going to be a good one for the Bruins.

In fact, they’re in the middle of one of their worst seasons in recent years. They have had to fight against bad luck and injuries left, right and center the entire season. Now it seems like they’re hanging on to the last wild-card spot by a thread.

One of the injury problems they are facing at the moment is that of Brett Connolly, one of the key acquisitions for the Bruins, who had fractured his finger during practice. This put him out of the running for the regular season. At this rate, you can expect big changes to come for the embattled team.

As reported, they have the 11-worst offense in the NHL and have scored 2.64 goals per game. Although, their defense seems to fare better – ranking 11th overall in goals against per game with a mark of 2.51.

It probably doesn’t help that the Bruins’ general manager, Peter Chiarelli, is also receiving some flak lately.

Not only is he called the most ‘overrated’ of all the managers in NHL, it’s also said that he hasn’t done too much on the current roster, except maybe selling Tyler Seguin to Dallas. Some top players were already there before he was put in charge. And yet another criticism he’s receiving is what appeared to be a reckless decision when he gave Jarome Iginla a bonus-filled contract – a contract that the Bruins is paying off this season.

With all the bad luck the team is getting, will the blame be put on Chiarelli’s shoulders? If so, will it be his final year with being in charge if the Boston Bruins continue this apparent downward spiral?

Well, your guess is as good as mine.

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