NHL Hockey Wives sure hit with top producer?


So, women that are married to NHL hockey players, eh? We’re interested, right? Great, because there’s a new show out that’s going to be inspecting their lives with the fine lens of a microscope (yey!). It’ll be called “Hockey Wives”.

The bad news is that this show hasn’t been picked up by any US networks yet. Boo. But the good news is that it’ll be showing on the Canadian W Network, which is owned by Corus.

It may seem like the life of a hickey wife is all glamour – wrong! They have all sorts of problems to deal with, like the career threats that are facing their husbands, and of course their own careers that they have to think about. It’s not easy. And of course, these hockey wives have to deal with the behavior of each other. During a season they’ll be seeing – and hearing! – lots from each other. It’s like any clique – you get the new girls, the old girls, the popular ones and the ones who are left out of the group. All of which makes for fascinating viewing.

Bristow Global Media (who are producing the show) head Julie Bristow said:

“When we finished that show, it dawned on me that the women that headed up the families as the wives and girlfriends were great characters.”

It may seems to us that hockey superstars like Carrie Underwood (winner of American Idol) and her husband Mike Fisher (Nashville Predators) have the perfect life, but this show reveals how it’s not all about parties and shopping.

Now a Toronto-based BGM has been launched by Bristow – a former CBC unscripted boss. On top of that, he had also managed closed a deal with GroupM Entertainment and chef Jamie Oliver’s Fresh One which, as a result, led to the cooking series Pressure Cooker.

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